Management Overview

Team Leader

William M Fleck, AIA 


Mr. Fleck is the President of Builders Studio, LLC.  In this position he is responsible for maintaining client base and running company operations including planning, design, CD’s, budgets, schedules and overall coordination of pre-design, pre-construction, construction management, post construction and all aspects of property development.   Mr.Fleck is intimately and personally involved with all projects as well as manages all staff at various project site locations and home office.  Mr. Fleck will consult with the Owner on alternate construction methods and materials that offer the greatest value in terms of cost and construction time (value engineering).  His involvement from conception and design development stage through completion includes site acquisitions, city planning and development, site and property programming, design development, CD’s, budget development, scheduling, preparation of bid packages, bid analysis, pre-qualification of subcontractors and vendors. He orchestrates all project consultants, municipal officials, AHJ, realtors and financial/lending authorities as required to achieve results. He is involved with the preparation and administration of contracts, subcontract negotiations, and management, logistics and liaison with Political Representatives, Property Owners, Design Consultants, Project Team members, all Vendors and Subcontractors.

Prior to Forming Builders Studio, Mr. Fleck Brings more than 35 years of experience through his employment with Parx Casino (Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc), Macklowe Properties, Bovis Lend Lease Inc., IDI Construction Company, Inc., HRH Construction Company, Inc., Showboat Development Corporation, Herbert Construction Company, Inc., Salomon Brothers, Inc., American Express/Shearson Lehman Brothers, Inc., Paul W. Reilly Architects and Mobil Oil Corporation.

Mr. Fleck is a New Jersey State and New York State registered Architect, member of the AIA and a certified Florida State General Contractor.  He received a Diploma in Building Construction Management from New York University.  He completed his undergraduate studies at the City College of New York where he received a B.S. in Architecture.

During the Pre-Construction Phase, BUILDERS STUDIO, LLC will:

      1. Dedicate BUILDER STUDIO professionals as required to the Project Team, with the advice and consent of OUR CLIENTS
      2. Initiate a thorough study of preliminary plans and specifications to assist in the definition of construction requirements
      3. Consult with and advise the Project Team concerning details of the systems to be used;
      4. Prepare a comprehensive value engineering study, consulting with the Project Team concerning materials and major design and/or construction elements to be used, while taking into consideration cost, speed of construction and maintenance;
      5. Initiate construction planning to establish finite schedule commencement and completion dates, and develop a detailed Schedule of Events for the project;
      6. Develop financial projections over the duration of the project, including commitments, cash flow and exposure.
      7. Initiate regular meetings of the entire Project Team with written summaries of each meeting to ensure that all aspects of the pre-construction process are covered;
      8. Prepare preliminary construction budgets, based on preliminary plans and specifications and reflecting OUR CLIENTS overall project goals, including a comparative analysis of similar projects;
      9. Review the preliminary drawings and specifications for, and make recommendations concerning, the following:
        • a. Availability of materials and long lead items;
        • b. Conflicts and overlapping jurisdictions among subcontractors;
        • c. Method of construction operations;
        • d. Good construction practices;
        • e. Equipment costs;
        • f. Construction costs;
        • g. Unit prices and/or alternates;
        • h. Inclusion of required temporary and job site support facilities;
        • I. Coordination between the drawings and specifications;
        • j. Construction detailing (e.g., whether the details, wall sections and other sections shown are easily built and adequate to assure a reliable permanent, trouble-free installation);
      10. Review and make recommendations regarding insurance limits and requirements for the project, including:
        a. Worker’s Compensation and Comprehensive Liability Insurance;
        b. Owner’s Protective Liability Insurance;
        c. Builders Risk Coverage (Specified Perils vs. All Risks);
      11. Develop and review with OUR CLIENTS the recommended mechanisms for competitively bidding the project, including the size and scope of each bid package, dates of bidding, use of “fast track” methods, etc.;
      12. Make recommendations regarding the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive safety program for the project, to include security and monitoring analysis;
      13. Based on the preliminary schedule, establish a site mobilization plan to ensure the efficient flow of construction personnel and materials during the course of the work;
      14. Advise and make recommendations concerning the best order and sequence for development of working drawings and specifications on a fast track basis;
      15. With the advice and approval of OUR CLIENTS and the other members of the Project Team, assemble a detailed list of pre-qualified subcontractors to bid the various trade classifications, as well as the method and forms of contract awards;
      16. Help to develop detailed bid packages and, with the Project Team’s cooperation, conduct pre-bid conferences to acquaint potential bidders with the project, its requirements, management, special systems and materials, and other aspects that must be factored into the bidders’ estimates;
      17. Carefully review competitive bids from a minimum of three pre-qualified subcontractors in each trade category, to determine whether the prices are complete, reasonable and consistent and that no overlap exists between trades;
      18. In conjunction with the Project Team, make recommendations regarding the subcontractor in each trade whose price, craftsmanship and schedule will result in the best performance;
      19. Conduct conferences with the successful competitive subcontract bidders, assist the Project Team in preparing and implementing trade contracts, and organize the subcontractors in order to most efficiently carrying out their portions of the work;
      20. Establish unit price schedules for all trades to be included in trade contracts, and establish change order approval procedures at the subcontractor level;
      21. Complete the project planning activity, to include development of a finished fast track construction schedule and CPM program, with particular emphasis on the scope of work for each subcontractor; the start and completion dates in each trade; the progress to date in each branch of work; the status of long-lead time materials and equipment; and the client-controlled activities;
      22. Establish a site security plan to insure the integrity of the job site and secure materials and equipment;
      23. Finalize responsibility for organization, scheduling and supervision of work necessary for the completion of the project as scheduled;
      24. Establish procedures for and maintain coordination among all Project Team members and all contractors so that the project may be completed in accordance with the contract;
      25. Implement computerized administrative reporting and control systems that are tailored to the parameters of the project and the requirements of OUR CLIENT.

During the Construction Phase, BUILDERS STUDIO will:

    1.  Coordinate the work of the subcontractors, engineers, and other Project Team consultants, assuring that all work is completed according to approved programs and plans, with appropriate levels of workmanship, and within cost, time and quality goals;
    2.  Monitor the detailed construction schedule for appropriate sequencing of subcontractor activities for maximum effectiveness in each trade, appropriate allocation of labor and materials, and, in addition, monitor that products, systems and materials are being delivered on schedule and “fed” to the project properly;
    3.  Issue regular reports to the Project Team on the percentage of trade  completion against the scheduled progress, noting any variances and their impact on the overall schedule.  Where variances exist, we will (1) report them to the appropriate members of the Project Team, (2) report the potential cost and schedule impact of each, (3) make recommendations for solving problems leading to potential variances and (4) recommend corrective action to assure compliance with the scheduled completion date;
    4.  Review the project schedule and schedule of events and make any adjustments that are required to continue the expeditious completion of the work;
    5.  Conduct job and coordination meetings that shall be held when necessary and not less than once each week.
    6.  Prepare a detailed written report of each job and coordination meeting for OUR CLIENT furnishing copies to all attendees and other parties designated to receive such reports.  The Job Meeting Report may include the following items, as required by the project.
      • Minutes of the meeting;
      • Open items status report;
      • Trade completion status report;
      • Long lead items report;
      • Subcontractor bid status;
      • Manpower status;
      • Shop drawing/sample submission report;
      • Budget status report;
      • Change order report;
      • Inspections report;
    7. Prescribe and monitor an on-site record keeping system including daily logs, shop drawing logs, daily manpower report, etc.;
    8. Continuously update the project budget incorporating approved variations as they occur;
    9. Assist in selecting and retaining the professional services of any special consultants, and coordinate with the various subcontractors the services of those consultants selected;
    10. Supervise work in place and installation of systems and special construction items to assure full compliance with plans, specifications, pertinent codes and special requirements;
    11. Inspect and supervise work of subcontractors to protect against potential defects and deficiencies in the work; require any subcontractor to stop the performance of any portion of the work that is not in accordance with the drawings and specifications, reject any work that does not conform to the requirements of the drawings and specifications; in such cases, recommend courses of action to OUR CLIENTS; and similarly inspect materials and equipment for compliance with the drawings and specifications;
    12. Resolve disputes with subcontractors or suppliers relating to the performance of their work or the furnishing of materials;
    13. Verify the storage, insurance, protection and security of all systems, materials and equipment that are a part of the project until they are installed;
    14. Insure that the job site operates in a clean and orderly fashion
    15. Assure compliance with all federal, state and local safety, environmental and other governmental requirements by all subcontractors, suppliers and others at the project site during execution of the work;
    16. Implement our highly developed procedure for review and processing of subcontractor applications for progress and final payments;
    17. Schedule and conduct monthly inspections and reviews by the Project Team and all subcontractors of work completed to direct the preparation of monthly requisitions according to the recommendations of the Project Team;
    18. Review all requests for payments by subcontractors and suppliers and determine, in accordance with monthly review, whether and to what extent the sums requested are due and should be approved for payment and certify to OUR CLIENT as to the same;
    19. Change orders that may be authorized by OUR CLIENT and establish a procedure for the approval and implementation of such change orders warranted by field conditions;
    20. Monitor and review cost accounting records as required and institute agreed-upon accounting procedures including regular updates and comparisons of amounts budgeted, committed and expended;
    21. Review field orders approved by OUR CLIENT to ensure that subcontractor costs on all such orders adhere to relevant unit price schedules;
    22. Review all required permits and approvals, and verify that all applicable fees and assessments have been paid;
    23. Supervise testing and inspection of work in place required by jurisdictional agencies;
    24. Assist in wire and cable management and the development of utility parameters;
    25. With the project engineers, monitor the installations of all systems, support equipment; special telecommunications support facilities, and any other technical equipment;
    26. Initiate and implement preparation of “punch lists” as each segment of the project enters its final phase but before “substantial completion” is achieved, in order to finalize all punch list work simultaneously with project completion.

During the Project Close-Out Phase, BUILDERS STUDIO will:

  1. Determine when substantial completion of the project has taken place and provide written notice to OUR CLIENT that the work is ready for final inspection;
  2. Supervise completion of the final construction punch list items, check out all remaining equipment and systems, and see that contractors turn over all keys, manuals, record drawings and maintenance materials;
  3.  Ensure that contractors deliver to OUR CLIENT  all guarantees, affidavits, releases, waivers, certificates and other documents (including warranties, operating manuals, drawings, handbooks, commercial and technical standards and specifications, maintenance manuals, etc.) that are required in the contract;
  4.  Assist in checking for readiness of operations, start-up and testing of equipment and systems; assure that appropriate personnel are entirely familiar with operational systems and equipment;
  5.  Prepare an “abstract” of the project, including comparisons of projected and actual costs and completion dates, a summary of all authorized change orders, and a recap and total of all cost savings.